2021 Sailing Programme – April Update

Restrictions are due to end on 21 June and in view the shorter sailing season the current plan is for Freyja to remain in UK waters for the rest of the year initially based at Shotley for the early part of the season and then on the South Coast first at Portsmouth and then at Plymouth/Falmouth retuning to Shotley in September.  An updated plan showing available slots and those with provisional bookings is set out in (ECYD Freyja 2021 Sailing CalendarV06Bookings).

This will depend marinas being open to visitors and could be subject to change at any time.

To help further develop the plan we would like an idea of who would like to crew if they don’t have a regular skipper, who would like training such as boat handling or passage planning or who knows anyone who would like to try sailing and that a taster sail would suit them.  Anyone interested should contact James Allen on crewbureau@ecyd.org.uk

We would also welcome a response from anyone interested in chartering and in particular whether you have a crew or are looking for crew.  We would also welcome a response from anyone interested in skippering sea time.  Please contact Andrew Lewis on yachtsec@ecyd.org.uk.