ECYD AGM 2021 – Yacht Husband Report

Getting on with the Job

 A steep learning curve taking over from Vic in March this year. Having said that it was a lot easier having the benefit of his very detailed and professionally kept records; and, not least having him on tap to answer queries as they arose. Another vote of thanks to goes to our Treasurer for his forbearance in matters of expenditure and John Garside for his technical knowledge of our onboard circuitry, available to me and Skippers via WhatsApp throughout the year.

Getting Freyja ready for her 2021 season would not have possible without the help of Richard Maxwell, Clive Pelerin, Peter Jones, Mary Reed, John Miller, John Figgures, and Ray Hoogendijk who all turned out in April/May 2021 to get Freyja in commission and David Bedborough for his work in updating our charts for the season. Thank you all.

What Happened this Year

The use of our reporting system, including the Clearance Notes & Maintenance Book & use of WhatsApp, has worked quite well. Issues identified included a faulty outboard, an unreliable log, seeping skin fitting, a noisy fridge and freezing plotters screens, above and below deck. These, plus a host of other defects have been incorporated in our schedule of works for the 21/22 Lay Up [full details available on request]. Many thanks to our skippers and crew for their active participation in managing issues during the season, enabling handovers and keeping things ship shape.

Winter Maintenance 2021/22 Four Phase Plan – 01.11.21 – 02.04.22

Phase 1: – 1-19 Nov 21: Prepping the Boat for Lay Up. Thanks to Richard Maxwell, Terry Parker and Peter Jones for their assistance during the month of November and Alan Vincent for volunteering to move Freyja up to Fox’s from Shotley on Friday 19 November.

Phase 2: – 22 Nov 21 – 10 Jan 22: This is very much in the hands of our contractors, estimated to be completed within 7 weeks. Raymarine upgrades taking the longest to achieve.

Phase 3: – 10 Jan 22 – 27 Feb 22: This is a Club activity, meaning all those jobs not allocated to a contractor. Seven weeks have been set aside for these jobs. All to be undertaken whilst the boat is in its berth. No climbing up ladders or skating across slippery decks, 2 metres off the ground.

Phase 4: – 28 Feb – 02 Apr 22:  Series of Sea Trials, leading up to Skipper Familiarization and eventual commissioning on 2 April. Many thanks to Les Creswell & Steve Wing for volunteering to conduct the first of these sea trials focusing on log calibration, swinging the compass, checking autopilot operation, creating a deviation card for 2022.

What’s New in 2022

  • New home port in Ipswich Haven Marina, situated on E Pontoon [E17];
  • New Electric powered Outboard – Epropulsion 1.0 Plus;.
  • Upgraded Mutli Functional Displays, above and below decks;
  • New Automatic Bilge Pump, retaining the High Water alarm;
  • Fully serviced and very quiet fridge; finally,
  • New Curtain Fittings in the aft Cabin

Skippers and their crew are encouraged to contact the YH with details of their availability and willingness to participate in either or both Phases 3 & 4.

Paul Dunn –  07427689683