FREYJA has set off on the Long Trip this week. Track progress using the WhatsApp group or Facebook

Freyja is now heading for Gosport, skippered by John Figgures.

John will be the first skipper to trial the  ECYD WhatsApp group  (which is called Sailing on Freyja 2019) as a means of issuing updates about Freyjas movements. Various Committee members are already members of the group, but any other Skippers, or their crew, or any other member who just wants to keep track of Freyja, are welcome to join.

Some reports may also appear on Facebook. ECYD Facebook page.

If you are unfamiliar with WhatsApp, it is particularly secure because calls and text messages are encrypted.  You can send text messages to individuals or groups, and add attachments such as photographs taken previously with your mobile, and you can also take photos within the App. The essential difference is that you do not use up your mobile voice or text allowance. Instead messages are sent via the internet . If you are using wifi the messages will go via that. If not connected on wifi  [ eg in the marina, or a wifi enabled restaurant in the evening ] you can send messages instead  using your data roaming allowance. Using WhatsApp itself is free, and on-screen icons within the App are easy to understand.

To join the group, first join WhatsApp. It is a cross-platform facility and also works on Android, Windows phone, and Mac and Windows PCs.

How to join varies a little bit. Using iPhone as an example, go the App Store, type WhatsApp in the search box, select and download the App, and then follow the on-screen instructions.  WhatsApp have a good website – – where you can get further information.

Once you have WhatsApp on your preferred device you will then need to email Andrew Lewis at or James Allen at your first name, surname and mobile number to be added.  If you already have one of our mobile numbers for other reasons, simply send us a text saying you want to be added. [Do not make your number public by sharing it on the ECYD Facebook page]. To be able to send messages to the group, when you have received a message from it you need to save the group name to your contacts [How to do this varies across platforms, and even within Android depending on your provider, so it may be necessary to do an internet search for suggestions on how to do it on your phone].