2021 Charter Fees

Period April May June/July/ Aug Sept Oct/ Nov
Daily (M-F) 208 244 208 175
Weekly (7 days) 1456 1708 1456 1225
Longer Charters are pro-rata on daily charges
Weekend (2 days) 520 Not available 520 436
Club Cruise/Sea Time

(per person per day)

45 52 45 37
Taster Sails

(per person per day)

Boat Handling/ Passage Planning

(per person per day)



1. Gas and diesel is included in all charter fees

2. Marina fees, harbour duties etc. where due are payable by the crew

3. Temporary membership for non CSSC members is set by the CSSA and is chargeable in lieu of full or linked membership fees to all non-members of CSSC using CSSA yachts at £8 per day (applies to all charters).  Only one period of temporary membership is allowed up to a maximum of 14 consecutive days. (This is in addition to the shared cost of the charter fee).

4. For available charter dates in 2021 see the 2021 Sailing Programme page.