ECYD Facebook page

The ECYD Facebook page exists to enable all club members to share information between themselves.

At present this is an open group and therefore visible to all.


Posts  could be something of immediate interest about Freyja on its travels worth drawing to the attention of others,  or simply sharing memories of a good days sail,  or a photo of a memorable sight on the water, or of comrades at a jolly meal at the end of a days sailing.

Other contributions could be about a training course, or a non ECYD sailing experience.

Facebook groups are also a good way of asking questions which other members in the group may be able to help with.

If we had a “Closed” facebook group whatever information or message you post would only be seen by other members of the group. It would not be open to other, non ECYD, Facebook users.

If you have a question which needs an direct answer from a member of the Committee it would be better to contact them first.

How to join

Email Tony Lewis at He will add you to the list. Or ask to join direct on the ECYD Facebook page.

Club Facebook Rules

None at the moment. We may need to create some depending on what use is made of this facility