We need to adjust our summer programme

In spite of the delay from the sudden and unexpected resignation of our yacht husband, Freyja was relaunched in her home port, the newly renamed Ipswich Beacon Marina, on Thursday 21 March. Her fit-out will continue while she is in her berth.

Having to play catch-up has, in spite the efforts of a small but committed group of members and supportive contractors, meant that the early season events taster sails, boat handling, AIS and radar training have had to be put back to later in the season. However the first of our spring charters will start on time.

Changes to the Baltic cruises

We have been disappointed with the take up of the planned charters and sea time in the Baltic. We just can’t afford to have Freyja sitting unused on a pontoon incurring marina charges, and with the greatest regret we will need to bring her home early. Early June seems to be the most likely date. This does mean, however, that being based in the UK there will be opportunities for skippers to charter her and explore local waters including the south coast and the near coasts of Europe. For all members there will be opportunities to join cruises led by experienced skippers. These may include some of the delayed taster sails, boat handling skills and the like.

If you have any interest in these opportunities look at the revised programme page on our website and contact our Yacht Secretary Brian Barnes or James Allen in the Crew Bureau.

“We need you now more than ever”

Jeff Herschel ECYD club Captain