Information about the Club and what we do

Why Join ECYD ?

The answer  probably is that you want to sail in a modern well equipped 38ft 6 berth yacht, with safe and very well qualified skippers, and companionable crewmates . You will be able to sail with us whatever your level of experience, from novice to experienced.

The Yacht

Our Yacht, Freyja, is a high quality, Swedish built, Najad 380, and spends most of the time between April and November on the water. It is always subject to an extensive sailing programme, and spends part of the summer on a long trip with regular crew changes. It has sailed around Britain, the South West coast of Ireland, and all the along the european coastline from north west Spain right up to Norway and Sweden, and into and along the Baltic as far as Poland.

Freyja was bought new by the Club in 2005 and has been very well maintained and looked after, with major refurbishments taking place as necessary for comfort and safety.

( for more about Freyja and why the club chose it see the about Freyja page).

Our experienced Skippers

Our Skippers must have a minimum qualification as an RYA certified Coastal Yachmaster. Many have the higher qualification of either Offshore, or Ocean Yachtmaster. Other members of a crew are likely to have these or other RYA qualifications.


Other Members

You will be sailing with crew members from a wide range of (largely public service) backgrounds, and we are a friendly club.


Training and courses leading to formal qualifications are available within the Club, and advice can be given to those wishing to attend commercially available courses. See the RYA courses page.