How to join the ECYD

If you are interested in joining the ECYD email Brian Barnes, Captain, at

Membership of the ECYD is free to members of the Civil Service Sailing Association (CSSA),  and in its turn membership of CSSA is also free to those who are members of the Civil Service Sports Council (CSSC).

Membership of the CSSC, and therefore the CSSA, costs £4.50/monthly Direct Debit (£4.05 if you receive a pension).

Membership is open to Civil Servants, and to Local Government, NHS, and Armed Forces employees and pensioners, as well as many other affiliated bodies. A full list of eligible employment can found on the CSSC website membership page. Family members [up to 3] can also join as linked members.

Other reasons to join the CSSA

Membership of the CSSA also entitles you to join other divisions within the Association. For example, the Five Kingdoms Sailing club (5KSC) has its own yacht, Ynot, based in Liverpool; and the Channel Sailing Division (CSD) also runs a yacht, Sea Essay, of the south coast, based at the Hamble River. There are other facilities, such as dinghy sailing in different parts of the country. See the CSSA website for full details.

Yet more reasons to join the CSSC

Joining the Civil Service Sports Council also has many other cost saving advantages besides free CSSA membership, including free access to over 300 English Heritage historical sites for you and  members of your family. See the CSSC website for full details.