Yacht Husband Newsletter

YH Newsletter No 02/2022


This newsletter, updates YH Newsletter No 01/2022 (see below) prepared by the Yacht Husband on behalf of the ECYD Committee to update on 2 significant issues. A copy will be sent to all skippers sailing on Freyja in 2022.  Further updates may be issued during the year.

What’s New

Evidence Galvanic Corrosion

This is what the propeller anode looked like on 7th January 2022.

This next photograph was taken on 4th May 2022 when Freyja was lifted out prior to setting off for Scotland.

Suffice to say a replacement anode was fitted before Freyja left for Scotland on 10th May. Clearly an issue to be kept under close review during the forthcoming season. Specialist assistance will be sought once Freyja returns to her berth in Ipswich to investigate the cause of this exceptionally high rate of corrosion. 

New Radar Fitted

Radar Training conducted in April threw up some technical issue with the radar. Later inspection by the Raymarine Agent determined that the whole unit needed to be replaced. A replacement unit was installed in time for Freyja’s Long Trip to Scotland.

The replacement unit is a Quantum 18” Q24 [ https://www.raymarine.com/marine-radar/radomes/quantum2/ ].

YH Newsletter No 02/2022

What’s New in 2022

New Home Port

Our new home port is Ipswich Haven Marina [www.ipswichhavenmarina.co.uk].

Skippers Notes for 2022

A copy of the notes will be sent to all skippers sailing on Freyja in 2022.  There is a copy on board and copies for skippers are also available from the Yacht Husband (yachthusband@ecyd.org.uk)

More Accurate Log Data

An unreliable log has been the feature of the last few seasons, certainly since the new transducer was fitted in 2019. Remedying this was a priority in the first Sea Trial in early March. Extensive troubleshooting and perseverance paid off and we now have a calibrated log providing something approaching accurate readings.

New Plotters

We have upgraded our plotters and now have a Raymarine Axiom Pro12S down below in the Nav Area and a slave Axiom Pro9S in the cockpit. Lighthouse 3.16 Operating Manual is on board and although both plotters essentially provide the same information as their predecessors, display options have changed. An easy guide to assist in identifying what’s different can be found in the chart table.

New Automatic Bilge Pump

Last years’ experience taught us that our High Water alarm works extremely well. However, it’s not much help if no one is there to pump out. We now have a new automatic bilge pump, wired directly to the batteries, capable of being set to Auto, Manual or Off, via a rocker switch mounted to the right of the main control panel. This switch should be left on AUTO all the time.  


During layup we had a new forestay and replacement sheaves at the top of the mast fitted. In addition, we had the Furlex serviced. Early Sea Trials identified some friction in the Furlex, easing both the jib halyard and backstay cured this. Just remember, if you have to winch in the furling line, there is something wrong.  Brute strength is not going to help.

Anchor Winch

Some difficulties were experienced last season and earlier this year during our Sea Trials when hauling up the anchor. A defective contactor in the motor was identified as the cause and this has now been replaced. Grime and salt now cleaned away and suitably greased. For the future, just ensure that there is slack in the chain when not in use and that it is washed off (preferably with fresh water) at the end of the cruise.  

Fridge Repair

That noisy fridge is now a lot quieter. A replacement thermostat has remedied the fault and now it stops cutting in and out both during the day and night. Inside we now have a thermometer and a suggested setting, painted onto the knob. When the black line is at twelve o’clock its two thirds on which is all it needs to be.

New Cooker

The old cooker failed certification in January and needed replacing. Easier said than done. After much research and assistance from trade contacts we managed to source a replacement and have it installed for the start of the season.

New Electric Outboard

By popular request we have ditched the old petrol outboard and embraced a new electric one. Manual filed on board, plus a suggested Operating Guide filed in the Ships Papers for reference. Well worth reading before deployment, allowing time to factor in charging on board.

New Close Down Check List

The familiar “Close Down Checklist” has been updated. Once again there are two laminated guides on board to assist in closing the boat down.

In the absence of any prior agreement between skippers handing/taking over the vessel, the stated position in this “Close Down” list is how one can expect to find the boat when taking over.

Repairs Carried forward to 2022/23

The starboard side portlight hatch in the aft cabin must be kept shut. The frame needs replacing and will be refurbished later in the year.

A job taken on by Jeff Herschel concerns the removal and replacement of the vinyl branding around the coach roof. Various quotes have been obtained and next year we hope to complete the work freshening up the appearance of the boat.

Paul Dunn

Yacht Husband / Managing Agent